Instrument Sales

Bridges & Bows Violin Shop offers reasonably priced student violins and more advanced instruments for players of all ages and ages and sizes. We carry a selection of violins that include new hand-made and factory-made, antique hand-made, from all over the world. We currently have a full line of Eastman violins, violas, and Cellos in stock, as well as violins from Revelle, Scott Cao, and older German violins and violas for a more mature sound.


$20,000 to $30,000

NEW: Paul Knorr, German (1943)

$5,000 to $10,000

NEW: Albert Hildebrandt (1902)

NEW: Ernst Heinrich Roth, German (1924)

August Gemunder, American (1879) [SOLD]

Thomas Holder, French (1910)

Maciej Lacek, Polish (2018)

Luigi Baccega, Italian (2018)

Wojciech Topa, Polish (2019)

$2,500 to $5,000

Ernst Heinrich Roth, German (1959) [SOLD]

Jonathan Li (2018)

Tomasz Kowalski, Polish (2019)

Jarek Koscielny, Polish (2019)

Pietro Lombardi (2018)

Calin Wultur #7, Romanian (2019)

HB Concert Violin, German (1950)

Various nice older German and French instruments

$1,000 to $2,500

VC Squire, German (1923)

Jean-Pierre Lupot (2010)

Rudoulf Doetsch (2000)

Calin Wultur #5, Romanian (2019)

Albert Nebel (2019)

Manatova (2000)

Schuster (2000)

Vuillaume (1898)

Treffle Gervais (1926)

Pietro Antonio (1900)

Under $1,000

New Eastman, Scott Cao, Revelle, Kohr, and Krutz instruments

Older or Used Refurbished Instruments



Eastman 100, 200, 305, and 600 series

Robert Dolling (1920)

Pakln (1940)

Andreas Lankl Rothau (1900)

German (1870)

Karl Mueller, German (1992)

Josef Regh (2018)



$10,000 - $30,000

Marco Pedrini, Italian (2009)

Barak Norman, English (1709) [SOLD]

Thadeuz Slipek, Polish (2020)

Topa Workshop, Polish (2019)

$5,000 to $10,000

Herrmann Beyer, German (1933) -- Rare Single Owner! Huge Sound.

Calin Wultur, Romanian (2019) -- The best instruments from Europe.

Wilhelm Klier (2019)

Frederich Wyss (2019)

$2,000 to $5,000

Core Symphony (2018)

Calin Wulter #4, Romanian (2019)

Sheng Liu #11 (2019)

Eastman 200 and 305 (2018)

Rudoulf Doetsch (2019)

Eastman 200 (2018)


We also are interested in talking with people who have old violins that they have come across and would like to know more about, and can give a verbal appraisal or recommend a qualified written appraiser. We have had great success with donated older violins that aren't being played and finding them new homes, and take great joy knowing that instruments can play on with new life!

Bow Sales

We are the exclusive dealer of CodaBow and Arco Brasil in the greater Westford area. We carry a full line of CodaBows and Revelle Carbon Fiber bows as well as a selection of premium new pernumbuco bows from Acro Brasil.

Also available are the highest quality old pernumbuco violin bows from Jean Bouvin, Marco Raposo, John Brasil, Adolph Berger, and viola bows from WE Dorfler, P.R. LeBlanc, Werner, and Walter Mettal.