Maintenance and repair of your violin, viola or bow

No matter whether your string instrument is historic or contemporary, your instrument is in the best of hands when you bring it to the specialists at our workshop in Westford. Our luthier will dedicate the same expertise and excellence to your new or old stringed instrument which we give to every instrument in our store and our own personal instruments.

Especially when it comes to maintenance and sound adjustments, our luthier upholds the highest possible craftsman and aesthetic quality, focusing the breadth of their experience and carefully coordinated services to preserve the value and musical properties of your instrument. With the greatest sensitivity for an instrument’s original condition, we develop convincing solutions in terms of restoring varnish, meticulous touch-ups and re-varnishing, and patching simple and complicated cracks.


Tune-ups, cleaning, string changing, chin rest, shoulder rest, bridge carving or adjusting, seam gluing, soundpost carving and adjustment, peg work and new pegs, fingerboard planing, crack repair, neck angle adjustment, and many other repairs.

Bows (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass)

We offer full-service bow rehairing, replacement of windings, leather wraps, tips, adjustment of camber, and restoration of the stick of the bow.

Simple adjustments, assembly, string changes, tailpiece changes and tune ups can be done here at the shop on the same day, and more difficult work is usually done within a week. Loaner bows and instruments are often available at no charge.

Feel free to call or visit us to discuss your needs, or setup an appointment to visit the store.

Estimated Price List of common repairs and maintenance.