Use this form to reserve a rental. This form does not start the rental or charge the credit card. The rental and associated charges will only start on possession of the instrument.

After entering your information and credit card, please setup an appointment at the store to pickup the instrument. The appointments help us space out customer visits for social distancing. Or if your school is picking up, coordinate with them at the lesson or class.

Rental Information Form

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Cell Phone

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Rental Term        
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Rental Agreement
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Rental Prices 2022-2023
Monthly School Year Annual
Violin $ 26 $ 229 $ 258
Viola $ 27 $ 236 $ 268
Cello Full 3/4 $ 42 $ 366 $ 423
Cello 1/8 1/4 1/2 $ 39 $ 349 $ 390
Includes Rent and Coverage
Does not include sales tax
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